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  • M. Yang, Z. He, S. Shi*, C-I. Wu.*. 2017. Can genomic data alone tell us whether speciation happened with gene flow? Molecular Ecology. DOWNLOAD

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  • S. Xu, Z. He, Z. Guo, Z. Zhang, J. G. Wyckoff, A. Greenberg, C-I. Wu.*, S. Shi*. 2017. Genome-wide convergence during evolution of mangroves from woody plants. Molecular Biology and Evolution. DOWNLOAD

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  • Z. Zhang, Z. He, S. Xu, X. Li, W. Guo, Y. Yang, C. Zhong, R. Zhou*, S. Shi*. 2016. Transcriptome analyses provide insights into the phylogeny and adaptive evolution of the mangrove fern genus Acrostichum. Scientific Reports. DOWNLOAD

  • Y. Yang, N. C. Duke, F. Peng, J. Li, S. Yang, C. Zhong, R. Zhou*, S. Shi*. 2016. Ancient Geographical Barriers Drive Differentiation among Sonneratia caseolaris Populations and Recent Divergence from S. lanceolata. Frontiers in Plant Science. DOWNLOAD

  • X. Li, N. C. Duke, Y. Yang, L. Huang, Y. Zhu, Z. Zhang, R. Zhou, C. Zhong, Y. Huang* , S. Shi*. 2016. Re-Evaluation of Phylogenetic Relationships among Species of the Mangrove Genus Avicennia from Indo-West Pacific Based on Multilocus Analyses. PloS One. DOWNLOAD

  • J. Li, Y. Yang, Q. Chen, L. Fang, Z. He, W. Guo, S. Qiao, Z. Wang, M. Guo, C. Zhong, R. Zhou*, S. Shi*. 2016. Pronounced genetic differentiation and recent secondary contact in the mangrove tree Lumnitzera racemosa revealed by population genomic analyses. Scientific Reports. DOWNLOAD


  • Y. Yang, S. Yang, J. Li, Y. Deng, Z. Zhang, S. Xu, W. Guo, C. Zhong, R. Zhou*, S. Shi*. 2015. Transcriptome analysis of the Holly mangrove Acanthus ilicifolius and its terrestrial relative, Acanthus leucostachyus, provides insights into adaptation to intertidal zones. BMC Genomics. DOWNLOAD


  • Y. Yang, S. Yang, L. Fang, J. Li, C. Zhong, R. Zhou*, S. Shi*. 2014. Phylogenetic position of Sonneratia griffithii based on sequences of the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer and 13 nuclear genes. Journal of Systematic and Evolution. DOWNLOAD


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  • R. Zhou, S. Ling, W. Zhao, N. Osada, S. Chen, M. Zhang, Z. He, H. Bao, C. Zhong, B. Zhang, X. Lu, D. Turissini, N. C. Duke, J. Lu*, S. Shi*, C-I. Wu*. 2011. Population Genetics in Nonmodel Organisms: II. Natural Selection in Marginal Habitats Revealed by Deep Sequencing on Dual Platforms. Molecular Biology and Evolution. DOWNLOAD

  • Z. He, W. Zhai, H. Wen, T. Tang, Y. Wang, X. Lu, A. J. Greenberg, R. R. Hudson, C-I. Wu*, S. Shi*. 2011. Two Evolutionary Histories in the Genome of Rice: the Roles of Domestication Genes. PloS Genetics. DOWNLOAD


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  • C-I. Wu, S. Shi, Y. Zhang. 2004. A case for conservation. Nature. DOWNLOAD

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